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„The penalty kick the game deserves.“

In the top game of the Premier League there were surprisingly few goal scenes. But the referee’s decisions were all the more controversial – and a penalty that became dangerous for the spectators.

Scene of the match: In the 85th minute, substitute Leroy Sané went down in the penalty area after a running duel with Virgil van Dijk. Referee Martin Atkinson pointed to the point, although at least it didn’t seem certain whether van Dijk had actually hit Sané. Riyad Mahrez took the penalty, but his attempt may have caused the fans in the upper tier to scream for help: The attacker almost kicked the ball out of the stadium.

Leroy Sané Honours 

Manchester City

  • Premier League: 2017–18
  • EFL Cup: 2017–18 
  • FA Community Shield: 2018


  • PFA Young Player of the Year: 2017–18
  • Premier League Player of the Month: October 2017


 The result: FC Liverpool and Manchester City split 0-0. That’s no exclusion criterion for a spectacle, but read the match report for yourself.

Before the match: „The most important task of football is to entertain people,“ said Jürgen Klopp before the match: „It’s just football. We don’t grow anything, we don’t create anything. It’s a pity that both teams only took the latter words of the Liverpool coach seriously, entertained little – and actually created nothing. But more about that later“.

The first half: showed two tactically strong teams that didn’t make any mistakes. Sounds great, but it’s not for the neutral spectator. No shot at the goal before the break is the consequence.

The second half: A little more speed on both sides meant more goal area scenes on both sides. But City had the better chances: Alisson only had to hold against Riyad Mahrez once. Alisson would probably have needed a pull-out ladder for the City access penalty.

English harshness: Even before the penalty shot by Mahrez, there could have been a penalty: Joe Gomez made it exciting when he tried to get back to Dejan Lovren, but only found Sergio Agüero. Lovren was so angry at his team-mate’s mistake that he left out his anger at the next player, in this case Agüero, and kicked his leg off. And referee Atkinson? He waved happily away.

 Samba in goal I: The two Brazilian goalkeepers Ederson and Alisson not only fought for supremacy in English football today, but are also rivals in the national team. The duel between Liverpool and City could have been a direct duel between the two keepers. Had. The two goalkeepers were not exactly going in the right direction. Then Brazil’s coach Tite will have to decide who will play for the transfer sum. Alisson costs 70 million euros, Ederson only 40 million. So it’s logical that Alisson is the regular goalkeeper for Selecao.

Samba in goal II: Shortly after the break Ederson was pressed with the ball at the foot by three Liverpool strikers. Two or three times he played the ball back and forth with his two defenders Aymeric Laporte and John Stones, to then find the interface between the incoming Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino – and to match Fernandinho. Arsenal FC are said to have called Pep Guardiola to sign Ederson as playmaker. Check out Sing Bingo’s promo and bonuses.

Conclusion: The last two Premier League duels between the two teams ended in a spectacle. City won 5-0 in last season’s first leg and Liverpool 4-3 in the second. Today, both Guradiola and Klopp seemed more concerned with safety. Or to put it tactically: they neutralized each other.